Heindré Rademan

South Africa

Heindré Keith Rademan ( age 44 - born 22 /02/1969 )

Sr. Construction Specialist / Project Manager

Coming from a family with a construction background, Heindré 's own interest in the construction industry was clearly demonstrated when he started with safety related work for Murray and Roberts in 1984, whilst still being a technical high school student and hereby gaining valuable experience early on gaining experience since 1984. During his school years (3 years) , working while studying (3 Years) and career as junior (6 Years) and as senior (16 Years) , he obtained 28 years experience in the industry, he gained vast multi-disciplinary experience in management of productive and profitable businesses and has valuable management skills.

His experience ranges from being a Civil Engineer Technician, Assistant Civil Engineer Site Agent, Contracts manager, Sr. Construction Project Manager, Sr. Quantity Surveyor, Sr. Assistant Company Manager, Sr. Company Manager, Engineer Project Manager(Resident Engineer), as well as Sr. Construction Specialist (Civil and Building) at renowned Construction and Consulting Engineer Companies such as Murray & Roberts, Power Construction, HR Construction, HHO Africa , BL Williams Construction, GVI Oncology, City of Cape Town , Gibb and Globuild (Pty) Ltd.

During 1997 – 1998 he was elected to serve on the Executive Committee for the Masters Building Association (MBA) in the Boland. During 1998 - 1999 he was elected vice-president and in 1999 – 2000 he served as president of the MBA Boland.

He proved to be an asset to a company with his knowledge and experience in the construction industry. He is hard working, responsible, diligent and capable and take pride in his work at all times.

He understands that knowing where you come from brings real advantages, not empty promises and hollow bragging.

He is proud in an understated way. He doesn’t need to shout his successes from the roof tops; his work does it for him.

He has the knowledge, expertise and experience required by clients. Yet at the same time, recognise that his knowledge is built on those that came before him and from working closely with clients.

He is comfortable in dealing with major projects and loves solving challenges that normally pop up in sophisticated projects. He thrives within stressful environments and love challenges.

  • Education
    • ND Civil Engineer