Heather Burdette

Spokesperson, Marketing Manager in Las Vegas, Nevada

Watch my reel

I’m a free spirit who's learned how to play the game--but it's a learned skill, not my natural tendency. I'm a shape-shifter, most often for the benefit of myself and others, but sometimes whether I want to be or not. I always get the urge to run, skip, dance, and fly whenever I see long clear hallways, or large expanses of open space. I have been known to spontaneously do a run of cartwheels across an empty convention ballroom. I have my own pace--sometimes incredibly fast and multi-tasking, sometimes very slow and deliberate. I'm sometimes late, but I always show up EXACTLY when I'm needed. I hate to be rushed, and I have scant patience for slow-pokes. I'm incredibly busy, and like it that way, but sometimes I just vanish while you're not looking, and do nothing apparently-productive at all for days on end. I love being there, it's the going that I hate. Yes, I'm a slow-starter, but I'm known for my efficiency, my pragmatic creativity, incredible preparation beforehand, flawless execution of every undertaking, unflinching reliability at all times, and for making it all look effortless (see "incredible preparation" as previously mentioned). Sheer spectacle and reverse-psychology are the only kinds of manipulation that work on me--the latter only if I don't see it coming (and I see everything). I'm shy in groups and crowds but I can stand up in front of thousands and deliver a message, yours or my own. I'm overly respectful to the point of being too formal and sometimes downright awkward, but I'm openly goofy and open to your goofs, too. I like to grant people the space I need myself, but I'm also open to instantly bonding one-to-one with nearly any other person, and ALL animals. I will forgo food and sleep to communicate at length with another being on a truly authentic level. I'm a walking dichotomy, but you wouldn't have it any other way. Trust me.