Artist in the United States


Artist in the United States

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πŸ’™7 facts about me, Piper!πŸ’™

1) I love video games!

2) I love Pokemon and my favorite is Emolga.

3) My favorite type of candy is twix, and gummies!

4) I kin with tons of characters!

5) I love looking at the night sky and stuff like that.

6) I'm allergic to cats.

7) My favorite animal would be a wolf.

🐚 My Kins 🐚

1) Hiyoko

2) Oshawott

3) Emolga

4) Ibuki

5) mikan

6) Muffet

7) Alphys

8) Peridot

9) Memoca

10) Pinkie pie

11) Luna

12) Nagisa

13) Sayaka

✨ My dream ✨

One day I want to be a singer, maybe a Idol. That is my dream. To one day be a singer so that I can express myself through music. I've also wanted to act. I think it will help me find myself a little better. Ever since I was little I use to burst out into song, I would make a new song each day, I became really good at it. My only wish is to be a Actress and a Singer. I will never stop trying to reach for my goal.

❌ things I hate❌

1) Any type of abuse.

2) Things that are way to sweet.

3) Those stickers in the grass, when you step on them they hurt and itch a shit ton.