HTL-Strefa Insider

Marietta, GA

I am a former employee of HTL-Strefa, Inc. A Poland (Warsaw)-based manufacturer of OEM and own-brand blood lancets for personal and professional use. I started working for the company back in 2008 when there were only two employees. I helped the company grow from the ground up to the next level with intense hard work, countless hours of personal unpaid time, low pay but lots and lots of dedication.
My experience working for HTL-Strefa was mixed. I loved my job because of all the challenges I had. It kept me busy and always had my mind gears running as there were always issues to try to work out and fires to put off. But it was also frustrating because there were a couple of people at the company that even though they were inept at their jobs and made a lot of mistakes, causing other departments extra work and financial loses to the company, the CEO never did anything about it. Naturally, resolving the issues fell on me.
I left the company in August of 2012 because of issues I saw with management, in particular with the management of Mr. Jarek Moleda, its CEO. As the senior-most employee, I was the right hand of Mr. Moleda but only in responsibilities. All the hard work fell on me and I had to deal with the ineptitude of other employees while the CEO worked on a side business of his own.
When I left the company I made it my goal to report all the illegal and unethical activities going on at the company, with knowledge from its parent company, HTL-Strefa S.A. It was then that the CEO of HTL-Strefa Inc. and his inept but loyal minions engaged in a campaign to intimidate me, harass me and smear my character, all in an effort to stop me from participating in government agency investigations initiated by my whistle blowing.
HTL-Strefa at one point pretended to act in good faith and convinced me to just drop things as they were and everyone goes their own way. I believe everything I was told, including future remedies and commitments. I soon learned that this act of good faith was nothing but a charade to stop me and try to gag me with a legal document that was later discovered to be obtained under questionable practices (surprise, surprise)
I could very easily just leave things alone. After all, all I get from this is more threats of legal action, continuing harassment and intimidation, etc. But, this is more of a matter of principle. Big organizations play with the "little people" exactly the same way HTL-Strefa played me out.