Wall Robinson

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2. Can you plan on displaying articles or having a blog?

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Whether you choose to design a website from scratch or use a free Web design to design a website for your internet business, there are lots of things to ask yourself before you get started:

1. Can you plan on trying to sell products on your internet site? Are you going to require a shopping cart application to collect funds?

2. Learn more on the affiliated use with - Navigate to this link: read more. Do you plan on displaying articles or having a website?

3. Would you plan on having promotion on your site?

4. Does the website design have to be active for site visitors?

5. Are you wanting to run your site through a content management system (CMS)?

6. Does the website need to include an audio or video-player?

7. Could your target market enjoy a design, or something easy?

Once youve answered these questions, its time-to design a web site for the online business. You will find a few general possibilities to think about when deciding how to design a website:

1. Hire an expert Web developer and/or Web developer to produce a custom Web design and backend process or e-commerce solution, including any necessary tools. You can find good developers and designers at websites such as http://RentACoder.com and http://Elance.com. Make sure to not pick a bidder because they are the lowest priced on either of these services once you publish a project. Choose some-one using a lengthy history of positive feedback.

2. Design a site yourself in the event that you have the Web design and coding skills (or make an effort to understand HMTL/XHTML/CSS/PHP etc.). I only suggest this method if you're very quick and very complex. Your time is best spent on developing your business not learning the facts of web design -- except, of course, you need to enter into the business of web design.

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