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you can measure the success of your work in several ways. One of those ways is by examining key SEO metrics. Organic traffic is defined as traffic you earn from appearing in the search engine results pages (SERPs) without paying for placement.

That’s the essence of SEO, after all. You want your site to rank for keywords related to your niche.

Overall organic traffic is sitewide. You also need to track organic traffic by landing page. Why? Because that’s how you can determine where you need improvement. If you find that some pages are ranking on page 1 while others are on page 7, you know that you need to direct your SEO efforts towards those pages that are ranking poorly.

Additionally, if you’re using different SEO strategies for different pages, you’ll get an idea of which strategies work best when you compare rankings.

It’s important to track where your organic traffic comes from. This is especially true if your SEO efforts are meant to target specific geographic locations or if you’re planning to expand your business into new markets.

First, you should track organic traffic by country. You might be surprised to learn that you have a strong fan base overseas. If that’s the case, then you may want to consider updating your marketing strategy to include expansion into these markets.

Organic bounce rate: The bounce rate tells you how many people bounced away from your site after only viewing one page. It’s measured as a percentage of visitors, with a lower number being better.

Keywords ranked in Google? You may wish to use a keyword tracking tool like SEMrush to determine the total number of keywords for which your site ranks in Google. Once you know what keywords your site is ranking for, there are numerous ways you can use that data to inform your SEO strategy.

Google Search Console offers a Search Analytics report that shows the average percentage of people who click on one of your links after seeing it in the search results. That percentage is called the click-through rate (CTR). It’s a stat you should pay attention to because it tells you more than just how well your pages rank in the SERPs.

Resumé in Onpage SEO metrics is the bounce rate factor the most important ranking factor that indicates the quality of website content!

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