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Firstly I will explain what blogging and pinging is. Website and ping is a method you need to use to get your website listed in search engines. The idea is that search engines like blogs because of the ever updating material, so they keep going back. This astonishing use with has assorted stylish warnings for the meaning behind it. By creating a website and setting some site links in the posts, the search engines may spider the...

I have been doing an experiment with blogging and pinging, one of the ways which apparently gets your website listed and placed higher faster.

Firstly I will describe what blogging and pinging is. Website and ping is a method you can use to obtain your site listed in search engines. Identify additional information on this affiliated essay by clicking The concept is that search engines like blogs due to the ever updating content, so they keep going back. By writing a blog and setting some site links in the articles, the various search engines will index the links, and pages shortly after you blog. Navigating To seemingly provides cautions you could use with your friend.

Pinging is when you deliver a 'ping' to let the directories, which keep lists of blogs, and when these blogs are updated, realize that you've added material for your blog. These are allegedly carefully watched from the search engine spiders, so they really can index any new content and add it to the search engine which controls them.

Anyway, back to my experiment, does blogging and pinging really get your site noticed?

Well my results have been encouraging. I've tested by only utilizing a blog since the front page of the new website I began. has just been promoted by way of the blog to mention new content, and then pinged through which blows the blog entries to many large ping internet sites. Http://Hilariozsxs.Mylivepage.Com contains supplementary info about the meaning behind this activity.

Following a week of adding content, and then posting an announcement of the new content to the weblog on the front page and pinging with pingoat, the site is apparently getting vis