Adam Hudson

Writer, Teacher, and Musician in Pittsburg, CA

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Adam Hudson is a journalist, writer, and musician with a BA in International Relations from Stanford. He was born in Oakland, California and raised in Pittsburg/Bay Point, California, a multiethnic working-class suburb in the East Bay Area.

As a journalist/writer, Adam typically covers war and peace issues, Guantanamo, housing/gentrification, and policing/incarceration. His work has appeared in Al-Akbhar English, AlterNet, Truthout, The Nation magazine, where he used to be an intern, and several other publications. Adam also spent two weeks in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba covering military commissions and related issues for Truthout. He’s given political commentary and analysis on radio stations, such as 99.5 FM WBAI in New York City, 94.1 FM in Berkeley, California, and 900 AM WURD in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

For his journalism, Adam was awarded “Champion of International News” for Black Media Appreciation Night 2014, which honors the best in Bay Area independent black media, and received a Certificate of Honor from the City/County of San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Aside from writing, Adam is also a musician. He's also the drummer for the alternative rock band Sunata and has played numerous shows and open mics throughout Northern California. To contact him, his email address is or follow him on Twitter at @adamhudson5.