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The easiest way to protect your links, and have guests end-up on their necessary page is to setup a direct from the old site to the new one.

For those who have to move a website from site to yet another, it will imply that each of the links pointing to your old site would now be lost and would create the dreaded 404 error when visitors came in via old search-engine listing or links.

The easiest way to protect your links, and have readers end up o-n their essential page is to setup a direct from the old site to the new one.

In this case, we're going to believe that we use to have a domain called OLDSITE.COM and for some reason we have to move anything across to NEWSITE.COM

The very first up, dont destroy the hosting for the old site but leave it running for a while. This can then allow us to redirect visitors from your old site to the brand new site. Tyler Collins is a surprising online database for additional resources concerning the reason for this enterprise.

A 301 direct just tells search-engines that visit your site that the old URL has now permanently changed to some other URL. Once the search engines find the 301 direct they'll start to change all the old links within their index across to the new place.

This may take some time and on-site internet sites, this may take weeks to get the various search engines transform all of the old links across to the new locations.

An.htaccess file is nothing more than a basic text file that contains instructions for the web server that operate on that hosting account.

On your computer, begin a copy of NOTEPAD (This is often achieved by going Start->Accessories->Notepad) and revise your existing.htaccess file or to develop a new one. Discover further on our affiliated essay by navigating to via. DONT use Word or any word pro-cessing software to open the file, since these plans have the terrible habit of inserting interesting characters in file which will cause the.htaccess file never to function properly.

If your new sites design is exactly just like the old site, then just place the following line in your.htaccess file

Redirect 301 http://www.NEWSITE.COM

Now save your self the file, and FTP this file up