Lawrencem Hughes


If you don’t possess enough knowledge about cell tower lease buyout, you can be fooled by the cell tower company. Generally, the cell tower lease purchaser present you an offer based on your current rent or the current worth of your tower. The offer may seem worth at first glance but the reality is that it is far less than its market value. You may feel that you have earned a lot with the deal but actually it is the purchaser’s profit and your loss. If you are thinking of renting out your tower than again these companies will buy the lease from you at low prices and then will turn around and rent it out at higher value. The property owners have a fear that the tower may get obsolete in near future. And due to this fear, they opt for selling out the tower. But you can overcome this fear, if you consult a legal cell tower lease advisor. He will clear your all doubts and will help you negotiate the sale value profitably. The legal fees involved in the process can be reimbursed. There are some Cell Phone Towers consultant companies also which assist you completely through this process.