Humbert Lee

Student, Social Media Manager, and Small Business Owner in Daly City, California

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My name is Humbert, I created HMB Internet Marketing and this is my story:

When I was born, my father's business went bankrupt, scattering my family’s millions to the wind. My dad, jobless, had no choice but to work as a dishwasher making $5.75 an hour. Left without enough money to sustain our family, he decided to travel to China leaving my mother and I in the famed “Land of Opportunity” while he tried to make his own luck.

Today, my dad has successfully regained his wealth and has become the Representative of China for a multinational stock trading corporation. Through his hard work and determination, he has inspired me to create a business of my own. Initially, my knowledge in business alone was very limited. I sought change so I invested in many books expanding my knowledge each and everyday. After I learned all I could from books and self-study, I decided to find a mentor, some someone who had actually done all the things I had learned, to teach me the tools of the trade.

Under my mentor's influence along with many other social media experts, I learned the secrets to social media marketing. I am an avid personal social media user myself, active on numerous platforms. I realized that my past knowledge on this subject combined with the mentor-ship would only help me in becoming an expert in the field. With this expertise, I created my own social media agency to help business owners avoid the same hardships my father had once gone through.

I strive to help small businesses grow and to increase their revenue by leveraging the power of social media.

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