Daniel Hunt

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand:

Volunteer Project Manager for the Fruit 4 Schools Project (NZ). My work often reflects my ambition to achieve a clear focus on what I want to achieve, be present in the moment (with respective nods to the past) and be the same consistent goal driven person living in the moment.

As a former financial banking, project management and education lecturer I am currently gaining recognition in 'marketing world' and also for many genres of businesses, people and causes. Strong point: individuality & communication.

I am ruggered but that's what is unique to diversity in any team.

I am creating many wonderful campaigns that have helped many to gain market awareness, new markets and markets that they didn't even know were possible - only with share determination, love and enjoyment of doing the job.

In final my blessing, faith & manna come from the G-d of Abraham. I know he will point me in the direction he wants ... maybe that's towards you.

Great things have come my way and its time for me to give back.