Hunter Enloe

Finance, strategy, and transformation in Charlotte, NC

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I was born March 20, 1990 in Hendersonville, NC where I spent my entire adolescence. I was a 4 sport athlete (basketball, XC, baseball, & track), involved in many clubs organizations, AP/gifted classes, and community service. My youth and upbringing had a huge impact on my present day goals and interests.

My mother had me when she was 16 and largely raised me as a single parent. Her sacrifices are my biggest motivatons and there is no one that I respect more. During my college years, she was diagnosed with Lupis. While extremely hard on our family it brought us even closer and also sparked my desire for some of my most cherished service with the Lupis Foundation. My mother always provided for me to an extent that I never realized our families income was below the poverty line for most of my childhood. Hindsight, education, and nostalgic talks with my mother awakened me to the income disparity that has only deepened since my childhood. The unique perspective afforded to me through my youth has tremendously shaped my worldview, life goals, and motivations.

I originally attended UNCC studying Political Science and graduated from Queens University with a finance degree, maintaining a 3.8 GPA.

I am currently studying for the GMAT in hopes of attending a prestigious MBA program. There are the obvious material motivations, but the driving motivations behind the goal are to create a better life for my mother, wife, & future generations than I had growing up and to use the platform associated with attending these schools to develop my long term interests of creating more opportunities for the low and middle income classes.

I enjoy networking and meeting new connections so feel free to reach out on one of my connected platforms!

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