Hunter Hulsey

19 years later and I’m still trying to figure out how to put it all into words. Life’s been good to me so far. I’ve had my fair share of opportunities, and I’ve taken those given to me. I’ve been super lucky in some aspects, and rather unlucky in others. Overall, I won’t complain. Complaining isn’t something I do often.

Music is pretty awesome. I say this not as an observation, but as fact. What music can do for the body, mind, and soul is all but unbelievable. I realized this in elementary school, followed the passion through middle and high school, and what is my major now? Feel free to take a wild guess.

This is one of those places where I’m super lucky. Not many people can say they know what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Even fewer can say that they’ve known that since they arrived at high school. Slimmer still is the number that actually get their education with respect to those aspirations. I suppose I’m lucky to get to follow my dream.

I’m easy to talk to and easy to get along with. I also really enjoy listening. That’s pretty much it!

And no, my hand isn’t twitching, it’s moving in time with time music. I do that alot. It’s rather fun. If you find yourself in Athens on a beautiful fall Saturday, come say hi. I’ll be twitching in front of the Redcoats. That’s the follow the dream part.