I. P. A. Manning

Writer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Gamefields Press has published 13 books on Africa with Kobo, (11 of mine).

My magnum opus dealing with wildlife and indigenous peoples conservation, GOD'S COUNTRY, comprises Vol. I: Plunderers of Eden, a history of Zambia and a memoir of my on-and-off time there as a wildlifer and conservation activist (1964-2008), and Vol. II - Guardians of Eden, in which I lay out a Green New Deal for Zambia. From Vol. II, I compiled a free epub entitled Guardians of Eden Manual - as well as a PDF copy - to assist villagers, chiefs, headmen and spiritual advisors (the Guardians) in the battle for the customary commons. Much of this was informed by my Landsafe Socioecological Development Model for the Customary Commons of Zambia.


In addition to the ebooks available on Kobo, PDF copies of the books are available from me at the same price as the ebooks. Payment can be made by PayPal on the 'Send a payment button.'

PDF copies of J.E. Hughes's classic exploratory book of Northern Rhodesia, Eighteen Years on Lake Bangweulu, is available at $20 a copy. This was done to raise funds for a particular chiefdom's development association in Zambia.

Plunderers of Eden is unique and makes a massive contribution to the history of Zambia. No one else has ever had the courage to recount firsthand what went on during the period.
Peter de Vere Moss - District Officer, Northern Rhodesia & Biologist Zambia
With a Gun in Good Country is at once funny, scary, and memorable.
David Petzal, Editor, Field & Stream Magazine (1996)