Azemmour, The Kingdom of Morocco

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Growing up with a family of teachers, IBTISSAM has been exposed to the art of teaching and monitoring youngsters as long as she can remember.
Her love for English from her early years of childhood, coupled with 12 years spent in teaching in a high school, inspired her concept for a unique website ‘English World 1’ created by absolute beginners for absolute beginners.
ENOUGH talking about myself in the third person.
I’M IBTISSAM BAZI AND I’M AN EFL TEACHER. Welcome to my world. I feel bizarre to talk about myself on my own home page or maybe not; this site is full of my own stuff anyway.
I’m EFL teacher. I have been teaching for over ten years now. I always work hard in my high school with my students, but sometimes I just write poems or draw caricature of my funky family.
Every learner’s competency and intelligence are unique; and I carry that in mind and heart when dealing with my students. I am dedicated to learning about their personal goals and needs. Together we will use them to build a unique place where EFL students meet to share care and learn together.

  • Work
    • EFL teacher and ICT monitor
  • Education
    • BA English Linguistics (Experimental Phonetics)
    • Data Processing and ICT Diploma