Hina K.

Karachi, Pakistan.

In love with 3D designing and occasionally flirt with Graphic! I write but I don’t call myself a poet. Or a writer. I click pictures but I am not a photographer. I do what I do because I like it. Little things make me happy, little things make me sad.

If you can’t stand sarcasm, avoid me at all costs. If you can’t handle bluntness, well, I can’t really blame you for that.

Life is simple and I keep it that way. I am content with what I have alhumdulilah and Allah has blessed me with the understanding to make the most of it.

The best thing about me, I try to remain civil to almost everyone no matter what the situation, but if you continue to piss me off I WILL bibitty, babitty, boo you to a delicious (debatable) human stew and serve it to Hannibal Lecter!

You have been warned!

  • Work
    • 3D Visualiser
  • Education
    • BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting
    • ACCA