Imani Clough

Character Educator, Facilitator, and Coach in Birmingham, UK

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I describe myself as a character educator, facilitator & coach because it sounds straightforward(ish), but my work encompasses many strands of creative direction & is informed by a wide range of educational/philosophical practices & ideas. In July 2016, I founded Imani Academy™ a social enterprise focused on empowering the next generation; to go confidently in the direction of their dreams.

I started my career working & volunteering in the youth/education sector, in pastoral leadership, social care practice & community engagement. It is here that I realised the limitations/damage being caused to young people, families & communities, because of reactive responses to complex issues. I decided I wanted to take a more innovative approach to addressing these shortcomings, and explore the root causes of social problems & structures that cause systems to behave the way do. I have an undergraduate degree in Youth Justice & Masters in Character Education. My work at Imani Academy encourages those I journey with to think critically about pedagogical processes, by facilitating a space that allows people to think about how all of the above effects them, the people they interact with, in the different spaces they occupy — providing them with guidance on the steps they can make to challenge the status quo.

I’ve delivered mentoring programmes & youth participation events with young people in the U.K./overseas. More recently I have been working in partnership with the University of Birmingham – Jubilee Centre for Character & Virtues. To develop a practical handbook: Mentoring through character education.

Alongside this work I simultaneously realised the importance of community when repurposing and championing new pedagogies. I joined Enrol Yourself as a Facilitator to host a 6-month Learning Marathon: Education for Liberation. Additionally, I am a HundrED ambassador, amplifying & supporting purpose driven innovation in education. I’m also an award-winning inspirational community champion, awarded by West Midlands Police.

I harness the power of creativity in very practical ways, my coaching prepares people to ask great questions, value curiosity, have the confidence to lean in to community, and navigate situations of challenge. I support others to become more multidisciplinary - see me on ESRC panel debate, City-zenship: What does a ‘Brummie’ education look like?

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