Imran Akhtar

Wah Cantt

I have been in I.T industry for 6 years (professionally) and over all i had the opporutnity to touch the computer back in 1995. Got trainning on how keyboard, mouse, monitor and CPU works. After that I had found out that we can program some codes to make things go according to our requirements.

1996 was the time when i got introduction with GWBASIC and that was it. I moved from there to C/C++, Java and then .net

Currently i am in .net with

  1. SharePoint 2013
  2. ASP.NET
  3. C#
  4. VB.NET
  5. javascript
  6. jquery
  7. CSS
  8. extJs
  9. Scaffolding
  10. Migration (POCO)
  11. SQL Servers 2000-2012
  12. Ultimus BPM
  13. WordPress

These are few to name.

I've been up here in this field for long enough to know that my wish to be here in the I.T field was correct and i have made up a good decision.

I am not sure why you are here, but i am open for I.T friends, I.T ideas, creative writing, creative anything. Just be creative and let lose.


  • Work
    • Seven Technology, Islamabad
  • Education
    • MS in Software Engineering