[rw12] Innovate Rwanda

[rw12] Innovate Rwanda 2012 is an Open Space conference to be held in Musanze, northern Rwanda, on May 24 - 26.

[near Volcanoes National Park & the mountain gorillas]

Are you an educator? Policy creator? Architect? Computer company? Not-for-Profit? Innovative thinker? Thought leader? Furniture designer? Philanthropist?

Then [rw12] Innovate Rwanda 2012 will be for you. It will be an international collision of ideas, conversations & solutions with the goal of creating fresh models for 21st century education in developing countries.

It is "an opportunity of a lifetime for you …to bring a lifetime of opportunity for them"

Organising body: Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning


Interested? contact: learn@scil.nsw.edu.au