Iron Cowboys MC

Established in 2006 in the dusty oil, cotton and cattle town of Midland, Texas. Six men stepped off their horses shook off the dust from the trail and climbed on the saddles of steel horses. They wanted to stay true to the COWBOY way of life so they formed the “IRON COWBOYS” motorcycle club. The range now fenced and no longer open to free rein, they have opted for a steel horse and free rein of the open road. Keeping the wind in their faces and the sun at their backs now on steel horses they ride. Committed to COWBOY values of true friendship, brotherhood and close family ties, where a handshake is still a binding contract and your word is as good as gold. Where God, country and honor still have meaning and worthiness.

IRON COWBOYS are committed to a brotherhood of honor. Members of the IRON COWBOYS are welcomed not only as friends but also as part of a family of true brother and sisterhood. Whereas in days gone by family watched out for their own so shall the IRON COWBOYS. To be invited into this family is not only a great honor and a privilege but also a great responsibility to preserve and protect our club, our state and traditions.