Isabel Campanelli

Fitness Instructor, Life Coach, and Consultant in Santa Barbara, California

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I'm a California girl through and through!

I spent six magical years living in San Francisco where I attended the University of San Francisco and graduated with a B.A. In Interpersonal Communications. In 2011 San Francisco was changing and so was I. So three years ago I quit my high paying tech job and went on a European Adventure, something I'd always wanted to do completely on my own since I was a little girl. Dreams were made, this girl was changed.

I've since followed my heart back to my hometown of Santa Barbara where I call home again...for now!

As I look back in time, I realize I've spent many years looking for my 'passion' or 'calling' in life. I've done therapy, workshops, courses, seminars, classes, seen shamans, coaches and spiritual healers. All of it was exactly what I needed at that time and has brought me to where I am today. CLEAR on who I am and what I want to offer this world.

I'm passionate about helping people be the best version of themselves, their higher self, their soul's true self and LOVE it! It's that simple.

I am passionate about making conscious choices about how we collectively think, who we interact with, what we spend time doing, what we consume, how we choose our words and how we show up in this world.

For me, it started in the CrossFit box over three years ago and with the food I choose to eat. What you eat TRULY is who you are! I have a dream to bring mind, body, and spirit into athletes lives with a more well rounded, holistic approach to CrossFit and diet.

Something is coming and I can't wait to share it with you all! Stay tuned, keep following me on Instagram (IsabelJosie) for a more mindful approach to life's challenges and more updates to come!

*My favorite Olympic lifts & CrossFit workouts:

- Oly: Snatch, heavy cleans, & front squats

- WODs: Isabel, Karen, Nancy, and DT!!

*Wellness practices I'm into:

Daily meditation, self-care rituals such as journaling, vision boarding, manifestation mantras, transformational foods, Superfoods, Ayurveda, Integrated Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, and cupping.

*You can find some of my writing on

*My (former) blog from my San Francisco days, TheRealShosh was featured in:

1. Forbes, "An Evening Of Passion"

2. Medium, "Leaving San Francisco: One girl's journey to find her passion beyond Silicon Valley."

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