Issame NAHHALI, is a highly motivated and passionate motion graphics , visual effects artist with a strong eye in color, an emphasis on compositing, matte painting and attention to detail, from Beni Mellal in the middle of Morocco, son of a modest family, where his mother loved to do art on nearly all kind of glass, and because of that he was inspired to love anything about new technology, in 11 years he began to discover receivers and how it works, the thing that leaded him to discover internet, and by the age of 13 he fall in love with sites and began do create them with HTML, and by the age of 16 he had his first camera and was already passionate about photography and editing photos, and right a while after, he discover a new passion, editing videos, he began doing small projects to a local sport group, from filming their action to finishing their videos, after a while he started to do short films adding visual effects, he became a master of visual effects, by that time he was done with dozens of videos and visual effects.
Knowing that he never attend a school of graphics and visual effects, and he only learned himself all about VFX and Motion Graphics, and due to many personal problems and lack in professional help and material means, by the year 2008 he dropped high school in search for professionalism, and his remarkable work made him enter directly to the professional domain.
Since then he worked in big projects, in the national TV: commercials, programs, and adding VFX and motion graphics to movies, and actually he turned his work into international level, he’s working on many international project, from doing graphics to sites to famous persons, to adding VFX and motion graphics into movies and short films from all around the world, and he’s right now working with remarkable names in the media from morocco and from all around the world, he’s also working with sound designers from Hollywood.
He’s now concentrating on Motion graphics, visual effects and doing movie trailers, and his VFX style is more like the style of the Epic, war and Heroic movies.
In 01/01/2013, he and a bunch of another guys lunched a new project called VideoPlusOne where they will offer VFX plug-ins and Tutorials.

He is currently residing in beni mellal, MOROCCO and is available for some Freelance work.

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