New York City

Daniel has always had a heart for making others happy. At age 14, the journey began in New York City as a partnership titled Wonder Bread. Whether playing sold out private events or Pacha U18 shows (with the likes of Alesso and Thomas Gold), Daniel was already becoming a noted figure. Two years later, the duo would change their name to “Two be Announced.” The minute the name change happened was the minute the two moved into the 18+ world of club music. Two Be Announced began playing sold out shows all around the city (Including Tokya NYC- where the two opened for the EC Twins- and Stash) At the beginning of 2014, Daniel broke away from the duo. This split marked the beginning of his solo title which would come to be known as, “Daniel Lerman”. At the young age of 17, Daniels previous DJ experiences and top tier production talents are getting him ready to explode into the EDM scene.

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    • DJ
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    • Still In High School