In The Picture Art Creations

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Growing up as a kid I always loved art. There was always something special about it and almost illusive. Maybe because there wasn't much in my house as I was growing up or maybe because I had such practical parents who saw other aspects of my life to be more important than expressing one's self in a task that helps capture a moment, a feeling, a love for something.

Unfortunately in Australia where I am from, art was always so expensive and equally unfortunate that I'm not a millionaire who afford so much beautiful art in my home. Also being guilty as my generation, is to love to constantly change our surroundings with new material possessions. New gadgets, new furniture, new partners all seem to be the rage of the generation. But this keeps it fresh in one's life and keeps it interesting. The knock on effect is also the high cost of attaining these possessions, luckily IKEA exists and we can make these changes as regularly as we change the shirts on our back for our Western society. Art on the other hand is a different category altogether. I love great art, the kind of stuff that is personal and honest that a mass produced print can't give you. So there was my quandry. In need of great, real, custom art and where to find it and more importantly find it at an affordable price.

It took years to stumble across the answer and with lots of business planning and preparation I was lucky enough to be a part of the launch of In The Picture Art Creations. This business is a Australian based and made small so as many savings can be passed on to the clients. Each piece of work is priced individually so we can get the best price from the team of artists that support the business. Where you would spend literally thousands on a hand painted piece of art in Australia, prices now are now much more affordable. A basic price guide can be found here for our customers, but please contact In The Picture Art Creations so they can tailor the work for you. They even assign a representative to help you out start to finish so you can create your own custom painting, even from a range of different images and ideas so you truly have a custom piece of art