Brandon Davenport

I am part of the design team at SumAll and make product videos for them and other companies. I also founded Okay Geek, a blog focused on editors writing about things they like.

I have the unique ability to listen to a problem, idea or situation and almost instantly become a part of it. My head is an un-controlable firehose of ideas that can be of use to many people, maybe even to you or your company as long as you are creative, love what you do and that I never have to hear the money talk.

I am a proficient designer (web, web asset, graphic & video) that likes to be spontaniously creative 24/7 editing music at 4AM, filming promotional videos into the afternoon and spewing CSS into the evening.

I also frequently co-host different internet shows such as the Content, Structure & Style podcast, Okay Geek show and Barley Productions live streams. I also hope to appear in more online content down the road.

"It's incredible what you can do when you're supposed to be doing something else".