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{ hi, i'm roy.


i made this page because i'm unoriginal.

the thing you need to know about me is that i'm fucking problematic. i complain about my personal problems on my account a lot. i'm generally very pessimistic, negative, and i've got a terrible sense of humor.

aside from that, i enjoy talking about cats, and i mostly post anime/manga. i do enjoy comics, mostly batman stuff, but i did have a DC phase.

i have really problematic ships that can be offensive, a lot of them consisting of (slightly) underaged characters and some that are just downright incestual.

i also do post nsfw content. keep that in mind.

aside from the fact that i'm clearly a disgusting excuse of a human, i am pretty nice. i'll keep my nasty to myself, as long as you're not rude about it.

on another note, i love writing, and just literature in general. i'm interested in other people's writing, so feel free to come to me about any of that stuff. }

my (main/current) interests consist of:

- d gray man

- house md

- supernatural

- saezuru tori wa habatakanai

- what lies at the end

- pokemon

talk to me about fullmetal alchemist and i'll give you love.