Sowon Byun

Student in Seoul, South Korea

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Sowon is a 21 year-old student at Seoul National University. One day, she downloaded a messenger app to talk to pretty boys, but instead became a party planner all of a sudden. Through that app, she found out about the "clone project" and met her lovely "sisters" that she loves so dearly.


Byun Sowon was raised in a family of 6, with two older sisters, one older brother, and two parents. She was born on Christmas Day, and quite dislikes it because she normally gets 2-in-1 parties. Life at home was difficult, for everyone hated her or something. That lead her to join the track and field team at school. After jr. high, she auditioned for MM Entertainment and became a trainee. She debuted in a girl group, Mystic Angels, but the group decided to go on hiatus to focus on their studies. The group has decided to return after Sowon finished university, but under the name of Electric Cream. She was the top of her entire grade and made it into the prestigious Seoul National University. She majors in Medicine, because becoming a surgeon is her Plan B if her idol career fails. However that is pretty unlikely, as she debuted under one of the Big 3 companies. Anyways, back to the story, she later downloaded an app and became RFA's party planner. She met Nari, Myung, Maya, Kelly, Mercy, and Sohee, who are her sisters. The seven of them found out that they were part of a project made by the Mint Eye, and well, they went to beat up Saeran together. Mint Eye planned to reset all of them, but that didn't happen. The only successful person that got reset was Mercy, but she came back (Hurray!). Love life wise, she only had one boyfriend before. She loved him a lot but had to end the relationship due to her contract. She now has a crush on Saeran, yes the same one that she and her sisters beat up. She is really insecure about her body image and such, and tends to go on extreme diets.

-RP Info-

Hello! Just pop into my DMs if you'd like to plot, or send me a starter. I'm literate and semi-descriptive, but the length of my reply depends on /your/ length of reply. Sowon is Multiverse but she is Single ship, meaning I will only ship her with ONE person. I do have restrictions, but when plotting I'll tell you if the idea is alright with me or not.

-Writer Info-

Feel free to call me Linny! I am still in school, so that means I'm underage, I guess? I love making new friends and if you just pop into my dms to talk, I'm cool with it. My personal is @EvolvedTrash and my timezone is C