Mark Ensley

From Philadelphia, PA, hip hop generation of aboriginal sovereignty. Son of God, prophet, philosopher, rEvolutionary spirit warrior of love - I am WORD. Hannibal 8, 15th MD PHA FAM, square NUPE of AI 93 Fall Gladiator 4 of 7 surmounting the gravity of circumstance. Generations knowledge born wisdom Nation Integrated Action of Freedom Organizers Raising Consciousness Everywhere. Independent Business Owner, distributor of Versativa Inspirin Inspired Wellness powered by ForeverGreen, ME IT is on a Success mission to fulfill my destiny with Love. Renegade member of the family of light, available for altering systems of consciousness in the freewill universe of Urantia. Peace God. Hotep Uhuru Amen Ra

Serves with youth advocates to facilitate the educational, socio-economic, and community development efforts of school-family-community partnerships which help eliminate youth violence and stimulate this generation to ameliorate their economic condition and prepare themselves for higher usefulness

The rEvolution is not being televised ! Love Light Truth Progress 1