Ian Unsworth

Writer, investor, and Student in Atlanta, Georgia

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I am a life-long learner, writer, investor, and technology enthusiast living in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm interested in a variety of things including technological creativity, innovation, and disruption, business strategy, behavioral economics, game theory, bio-hacking, health, and fitness. I love reading and learning about new topics and hearing perspectives I've never before considered. Simply put, I love ideas.

The internet is the greatest invention in the history of mankind beyond comparison. It has provided global connectivity at an unprecedented scale and administered a platform for people to create a variety of incredible things. I've decided to take advantage of the exposure the internet has granted me to express my thoughts and opinions on a blog I created. My writing topics vary from simple overviews of industries to in-depth assessments on market trends, as well as miscellaneous thoughts I'm having.

I've completed a 13-week internship working with a Think-Tank in London, focused around promoting societal advance through better finance & technology. If you want to read about my experience you can do so here: london.iunsworth.com

I've also written articles for an Atlanta startup called Equities Lab (a quantitative stock screening software company) Read my work for them here:

I've recently also become a contributing writer on Seeking Alpha, the most popular crowd-sourced equity research company in the world. You can read my articles and follow me here.

My current role is with the Metro Atlanta Chamber in their economic development department, learn more here.

Feel free to connect with me on social media with the links found below. I welcome comments, questions, concerns, and criticism on my blog.

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    • Georgia State University