Ivano Aglietto

Director and CEO in Prague, Czech Republic

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Born in Turin (Italy), currently works and lives in Prague (Czech Republic).

Graduated in Environmental Engineering and Territory obtained at the Polytechnic of Turin in 1995, gained the title of PhD in Environmental Geo Engineering in 1998.

Since 2000 he has lectured at several universities for Master's and specialist courses. Amongst others, held lecturing posts at several universities, among which Polytechnic of Turin, University of Camerino, University of Parma, University Ca’ Foscari and the University of Insubria.

During last years has had the role of President of the National Association of Environmental Experts and President of Observatory of Contaminated Sites, the member of the Commission UNICHIM for the remediation of underground tanks and UNICHIM Commission for the Analysis of Risk, the role of Scientific Director of the scientific periodical “Contaminated Sites ".

The results of the research are proved in the printed publication of more than 60 contributions on various national and international periodicals. To this activity is added the publication of two books as a co-author and the deposit of four international patents.

In the professional field he has completed over 150 assignments in the contaminated sites remediation and water purification. Among others, it is noted the position of works Director for the remediation of the Mont Blanc Tunnel.
At the present state is engaged in production of advanced and innovative nanostructure materials and industrial development of its use in the activities of water treatment, soil remediation and gas treatment.

Specialties: nanotechnoology, nanostructure materials, water and wastewater treament, soil and groundwater remediation, gas treatment

  • Work
    • Environmental Engineer
  • Education
    • PhD in Environmental Geo Engineering