Ivo Bystrican


Passionate filmmaker, documentary explorer, creative documentary film director.

If compared to snowboarding, my creative style is a freeride.

I am the tourist in the landscapes of everyday life with hidden adventures.

Uncovering consequences, relations, linkages and finding the ways of its creative depiction.

Most time writing themes and scenarios, developing concepts, directing films, producing documentary films.

As a independent story editor I am helping others with developing ideas, rethinking concepts and leading to final shapes of brilliant documentary films.

As a TV documentary story editor in Czech Television I am looking for new ideas and concept which I can help to develop.

Skillful cinematographer and editor.

I target on social topics, futurology, economy, social welfare, energy and energetics, education, transportation, politics as the keystones of contemporary society.

I also love snowboarding, longboarding, running, biking, mountaineering, music, books and beer.

Directed, shooted and produced several creative documentary films, won several prizes, made many TV films, accomplished lot of NGO or commercial projects.

Everything with passionate energy.

Email: office@ivobystrican.com

  • Education
    • Documentary Filmmaking at FAMU, Prague
    • Sociology and Social Policy - Social Work at Masaryk University, Brno