Ivy N. McQuain, MBA

Dallas, TX

“Born to write.”

No, literally, my mother told me that when I was about one year old after she witnessed me holding a pencil correctly in order to write my father a letter. She said that I took the paper, wrote the greetings, the body and closed the letter before handing it to him. Of course, it was “scribble scratch,” but hey, don't dampen my story. So as I was saying ... I was born to write.

My very first story was published in the 1998, in “The Herald,” the campus newspaper of Texas Southern University, in Houston. That experience has enabled me to write for numerous publications around the country and world. My greatest accomplishment was writing my first book, Get Your Head Out of the Clouds, This is Business was a great experience.

I currently blog for Kontrol Magazine and write for other publications but I also direct two YouTube shows, In Da Flow With J. Nikole and The Executive Corner. Yes, I write for those shows too. Annnnnddddd ... I work with all forms of media around the country.

I contract my editorial services for many businesses and individuals throughout the country. I write business, marketing, advertising plans, content for industry-specific web sites. I even create the layout and design of publications for print and online publishing. And in the true spirit of remembering my “roots,” I still write college-, master- and doctorate-level papers on practically any subject.

I own a thriving multimedia branding services firm by the name of The BLI Group. What we do is simple. We specialize in branding your business from every conceptual aspect of branding. From graphic design, to website design, to apparel design and screen printing, to video production (pre- and post-production), to professional writing and editing, to public relations ... we do it all. After all, a 14-year career, not including the letter to my dad, has afforded me the trust of media outlets throughout the country and a Marketing degree ain't that bad either!

In a nutshell, I CAN write about anything and get you media coverage. Now, how can I help you with your branding and media needs?

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    • The BLI Group
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    • Southern University