die in Pennsylvania


die in Pennsylvania

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hey im ivy and im going to give 13amgames my firstborn child. read everything below before following


- im 13, nonbinary(???) and polyromantic/homosexual! any pronouns are fine!

- ive been professionally diagnosed with general anxiety, social anxiety, add, and depression.

- i make a shit ton of typos. usually i'll type a word that is similar in spelling to the one i mean but is a completely different word.

- my biggest interests are vinesauce (esp gpm and rev theyre my favs) and warriors!!! PLEASE talk to me abt them i will love u forever

- my other interests include: nindies (shantae, freedom planet, runbow), nintendo (animal crossing, super/paper mario, warioware, pokemon, rhythm heaven), webcomics (monster pop!, cucumber quest)

- im white so if i accidentally fuck up and say somethin racist (or anything else bad really) please let me know i'll do my best to fix it!! im really sorry i make mistakes sometimes but i try not to do anything bad i promise

- if you want to know any of my other accounts on other sites, nnid, fc, etc. just ask!! i'll probably give it to you if we're mutuals


- ur homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc.

- ur over 20

- ur factkin

- u kin/id with ivypool (warriors) or george (monster pop!)

- you think asexuals arent lgbt+

- ur friends with this person who has emotionally abused me in the past. ask me who they are bc they change their username every ten seconds lol

- u dislike my friends! if ur mean to them i'll beat u up >:(


IDS: do not follow if u kin/id with:

ivypool (warriors)

george (monster pop!)

KINS: ask to follow if u kin/id with:

rosalina (super mario)

leafstar (warriors)

nastasia (super paper mario)

carol tea (freedom planet)

inklings (splatoon) - feel free to follow without asking!


squirrelflight (warriors)

princess bubblegum (adventure time)

celeste (animal crossing)

bella (animal crossing)

needletail (warriors)

satura (runbow)

ashley (warioware)

eglantine (rhythm heaven)

thank you for reading! dm me a pic of one of your favorite characters to be accepted