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We work with creative thinkers, artistic + cultural explorers who effect change & stir the senses in the most compelling, thought provoking fashion.

iWonder Media Group is a boutique creative arts agency located in Atlanta, Ga working with and on behalf of artists, non profits and small to mid-size business owners. We believe in the old adage, work smarter not harder. In cities and towns across America, creative communities are flourishing with talented, driven artists from all backgrounds and disciplines. In many cases, the only thing standing between these individuals and their entry to success is strong brand engagement with targeted public and private entities.

iWonder Media provides consulting and project managementsupport to businesses that positively impact and affect change in the community you seek to thrive within, sustain and grow for the next generation of thinkers, social entrepreneurs and activists.

Our focus and strategies are directed in the areas of:

- Building and sustaining creative economies
- Social entrepreneurship through the Arts
- Creating measurable impact through media, education and advocacy.

Through a strong network of cultural and lifestyle zealots, digital techie mavens and socially-driven stewards in business, iWonder Media Group is becoming a one-stop incubator for creative communities and social causes to spark curiosity, influence action and inspire change for the sustainability of our humanity, Arts and global environment.