Nabilah Izatani

customer support expert in Bandung, Indonesia

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Born Indonesian, from mix of Javanese and Madurese parents, I've spoken three languages since I was little. Picking up English was not very difficult after that. I'm currently learning Japanese at N2 level.

I studied Information System and Technology. The topic for the final project I submitted for my graduation was Digital Office.

Around that time, when a long time partner of mine found a job vacancy for a Melbourne start-up company, Influx, I was convinced to join the team— a passionate bunch of people believing in the next big thing: providing 24 x 7 x 365 customer support for clients around the globe.

There couldn't have been anything else more suitable for my first real job: work that requires English communication skills, that enables me to connect with people even from halfway around the world, all from the comfort of my room or a cozy cafe, and proving a point from my final project: the existence of an office isn't always necessarily validated by a building in which all stakeholders must gather.

As a writer hobbyist, I'm used to see things from many different points of view, which, as I later found out, is highly useful in my work. Reacting in accordance to customers' and clients' mood and expectations, I was able to become a good customer service representative relatively quickly, and after two months I was appointed Operations Manager for a team of nine.

I'm currently working as a Client Captain, in charge of two amazing Australian companies. I communicate with the clients and conduct training for new employees and ensure them giving the best service for our clients.

In my free time, I enjoy reading novels and manga, watching anime, and playing video games— normal nerd stuff, only I do it probably more intensely than most. (I'm open to in-depth analysis about storyline, characters, and their fictional universes!)

I'm better in written correspondence than oral one, but if anyone wants to say hello anyway, I can be reached via email

  • Work
    • Influx
  • Education
    • Public Senior High School 3 Malang
    • Institut Teknologi Bandung