Izik Zenati

Izik Zenati was born in Eilat, Israel as Itzhak Zenati, In his early life he found himself with nothing to eat, Nowhere to sleep, he was born without knowing his father and to a drug addict mom and those are just few difficult facts. Izik Zenati is open & honnest person "I have nothing to hide, that was the reality I grew up to, that was the past ... now everything is different, my mom is drugs clean for more than 15 years, she got re-married, I Chose LIFE!".

Izik Zenati finished school with excellency, and he was An outstanding soldier and commander.

Nowadays, Izik Zenati is the proud founder, Owner & CEO of ZENATI, a Models & Talents Family style agency, the agency is offering it's members, or family members as Izik keep correcting me, the warm attention as much possible, the agency has dozens of family members, with age range between 10 months old to 65 years old, models, actors, Kids, Talents and more. ZENATI uses the web to accomplish all the jobs & recruitment needed.

Izik Zenati is a big thinker, he wanted to do things differently, in a unique way with effective results. Izik started to produce, from simple one on one fashion shootings to dozens of crew members for runway productions and more "In that way I can produce jobs and not just wait for a phone call from a potential client so I added the Productions department and it's a very successful in Israel".

With time Izik Zenati, just kept growing and expanding, while offering Marketing Solutions and Web Services for businesses & Personal .

Izik is looking to expand and execute some major projects and he welcomes sponsors and supporters that wish to join.

"I believe that if your intentions are good, that if you are positive and determined - You'll do good and succeed"

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