Carol Parchewsky

Carol Parchewsky

Imagination. Communication. Impression. Reaction. Engagement. Excitement.

Aspiring writer, lover of art, and outdoor enthusiast located in Calgary, Alberta. I can be found writing, reading, baking, managing art, painting, gardening, walking, hiking, solving problems, and training the cat to pose for artistic Christmas photos when I am not expanding my education.

I have embarked on an exciting writing adventure, which is becoming an amazing journey. Details to follow.

My signature items to bake are gingerbread cookies, macarons, and birthday cakes decorates in a unique style.

Having spent time studying art in Europe, I'm looking forward to fusing the European elegance and deep rich history with the modern western Calgary culture. My favourite artist's work can be viewed at Check it out, you won't be disappointed

Siberian forest cats are an interesting breed that are known to appreciate art, sleep in Christmas trees, play hide and seek, and fetch various trinkets to move from floor to floor.