Izzy Cintron

IT Support in Concord, New Hampshire

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I am known as the go to guy for Information Technology problems. Starting around 2005 I've been nose deep in anything to do with a computer. I just have a natural affinity, an intuitive touch with computer software and hardware.

I started to dabble in programming in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) with Microsoft Access. From there my love affair started with Database Development. I learned T-SQL and graduated to Microsoft SQL Server with working knowledge of MySQL Server and MySQL Workbench.

I also expanded into desktop application development using Visual Basic 6.0 and quickly dived into the hardcore ability of VB6 to utilize API calls, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and designed a security program that protected stand-alone computers from anonymous user changes to system wide settings and protocols.

By proxy and osmosis, I became a Desktop Support Specialist who learned how to build computers from the ground up. Install operating systems (Windows, Linux, OSX). Trouble shoot issues ranging from non-booting computers to connecting users to the network printer. I've done data recovery from virus infected computers and brought new life to old laptops by installing Linux Mint on them. These are the things I love and take pleasure in learning about. I am just one of those individuals who gets it and wants to use it!

For a long time, I just coasted as a hobbyist and never dreamed that this is my calling. I just started a small business of IT consultation, just a fancy term for "anything to do with computers" and I'm still tring to land that dream job!

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