Julius Che

Nottingham England United Kingdom

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C.S Azire Small Mankon (Primary);

Nacho College Mankon (College);

CCAST Bambili (High School);

Buea University, Cameroon;

The Hague University, The Netherlands;

Erasmus University, Rotterdam;

Institute of Social Studies, The Hague;

PhD aspirant, the paradigm of public power in international law; (Robert Gordon)

Wolverhampton University, UK

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POLITICAL CAREER

Founder and Executive Secretary SCYL Netherlands; Former Deputy Secretary General SCNC Netherlands; Former Southern Cameroons Deputy Head of Missions to the Netherlands;

Former Deputy Secretary of state for International Cooperation and Development Southern Cameroons IG; International Secretary SCYL;

Member 'the London Declaration';

Founder 'BIYA MUST GO' Campaign 2010;

Founder, European-Cameroon Freedom Alliance Party

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------PROFESSIONAL CAREER

Former Administrative Secretary HURCLED Cameroon;

Former English Teacher CES de Ngoa-Ekelle Yaounde;

Former Field Manager, HOME Nottingham;

Chairman, Founder and CEO EFFE Foundation International;

Editor-in-chief, Founder & Publisher Freedom Magazine;

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