Jessaca Rowe

Consultant in California

You are ready to get the ball rolling with turning your dreams into reality. You are ready to show this world who you are and what you can do. However, there are a few things that you must overcome to get started. Fear, doubt and procrastination, yes, it happens to all of us. We are hype. We are ready and all of a sudden, we come to a stand still. Limiting beliefs begin to set in and we stop.

Jessaca Rowe is the Founder of "New Level Mindset Consulting". Her mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs and startup businesses turn their ideas into reality.

Jessaca does this by offering a dynamic coaching program to create personal development, mental strength and self-care strategies for aspiring and new entrepreneurs.

Jessaca supports aspiring entrepreneurs and understands the challenges they face as they start the journey. She is the author of a "New Level Mindset": An Aspiring Entrepreneur Rising Out of Fear into Greatness. Jessaca’s book has appeared in Courageous Woman Magazine, where she speaks about three main benefits of her book that help aspiring entrepreneurs open their minds to greatness. Jessaca has held speaking engagements with the following organizations: Stenique, World Wide Women Speakers and Black Women Rock Nationally.

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