Jacqueline Driggers

Kentucky, USA

Hello there! And welcome to my space.

-- About me --

I am a writer and homemaker from a small town in western Kentucky. I have been writing since high school. Also, I am a business college graduate, with work experience as a legal secretary and a bookkeeper.

Some of my interest and hobbies are: music, collecting, recipes & food & cooking, writing, computers, the internet, facebook, collecting glassware, martial arts.

-- About what I do --

Just this year, I have started fully pursuing my high school dream of being a published writer. For more about that, check out my writer's page on facebook:

JD's place, & other stuff

With so many writers self-publishing now days, there is a growing market for freelance services that traditional publishers used to provide for authors. So I have started my own freelance endeavor.

Some of the services that I provide are:

editing & proofreading

publicity & marketing

book reviews

For more info about these, click the following link:

JD's Place Writer Services

You can contact me via my facebook writer's page or by clicking the email link above.

Thank you for visiting!