Jaci Clement

Live Well. Do Good.

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Communicator. Dancer. Marketer. Media Expert. Traveler. Writer. Devoted believer in wishing on stars.

Credibility: My currency.

Imagination: My driver.

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"Tiggers bounce because bouncing is what Tiggers do best." -- Winnie the Pooh

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Current Role

CEO & Executive Director

Fair Media Council 2001-present Strategic vision & direction of nonprofit advocating for quality local news & working to creatie a media savvy public

Work History

  • Publisher & Editor InfluentialInsiders.com 2014-current

    Voice of Generation X

  • Mastermind & CEO Great Legs Media 2014-current

    Communication consultant, virtual chief communications officer, staff coaching & media pitch training. Publisher of InfluentialInsiders.com and Ballroom Madness

Skills & Expertise

  • News, strategic communications, speech writing, corporate communications, media pitch training, public speaking

My Collections

My Collections

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