Jacob Fresco

The Hague

I love my daughter, radio, my wife and gadgets (not always in that particular order). I have my own internet-radiostation, which broadcasts the best Classic Rock on the net 24/7! My dayjob is slighly more boring; IT Specialist at Experian The Netherlands. I also double as an techie at Radio Decibel.

I dig gadgets, Android, Blackberry and about everything that has a screen and goes 'beep' in the night. I still mourn the demise of PalmOS and my trusty Treo 650.

When I'm not busy with radio, gadgets or caring for my daughter, I like to write Wordpress-plugins and develop websites.

And then ofcourse, there is the music! I used to play snaredrum in a percussiongroup. Right now, I'm a part of the snareline with marchingband St. Jeanne d'Arc from Noordwijkerhout.

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