Jacqueline Colt

Dallas, TX

I am a painter, designer, and sometimes writer from Dallas, TX. Family is important to me, especially my husband, son, and two dogs. I like to have a few plates spinning at one time...usually goes something like: design a logo, paint a canvas, help a friend pick out paint colors, design a phone case, and write in a notebook full of ideas.

Some of my paintings are inspired by music, emotions, travel, and things unsaid. I finished my B.A. in Art (I focused mostly on painting and digital art) from University of Texas at Dallas, and I love reading about art history.

There's just something about artists from the past who wholeheartedly believed in their vision, their gift to the world even if the world isn't ready for it yet. It's also interesting how artists were influenced by the world around them...you can read about how important steam trains were at the time Caillebotte and Manet were painting.

I have an Etsy shop that I'm working on getting stocked with my makings and some vintage stuff. It's called Colt Creative.

Anywho, I love reading peoples' stories on About.me. It really is fantastic seeing people from all over the world here.

  • Education
    • University of Texas at Dallas