Jacqueline Chen

Mortgage Broker in Sydney, Australia

I am a Mortgage Broker currently living in Sydney, Australia. My interests range from knitting to education. I am also interested in baking, yoga, and coffee.

Leveraging on years of experience in financial services, I am working with experienced brokers to service customers in the Sydney Region. By utilising my product knowledge gained from my time at two large comparison websites, RateCity and Mozo, I seek to help customers through the complicated process of getting a loan.

Much of what I do at RateCity is about helping people to become smarter through comparison, and I achieve this same goal as a broker. Since I offer loans from a panel of lenders, I am able to direct borrowers to lenders that are most suited for their needs.

It is my belief that Mortgage Broking is a job about service and not sales. It is a profession about addressing customers' needs, not about churning volumes for sales performance. This firm belief shapes the way I conduct my work - focusing on giving quality service to customers.

  • Education
    • University of New South Wales