Jacqueline Gromada

I'm Jacqueline Gromada. My mission is to make it possible for you to love your business, fulfill your highest purpose, and have the success you truly deserve.

You need someone smart who's devoted to you.

Someone who understands what you want and makes it happen.

Your Chief Operating Officer.Someone who's a strategic thought partner and manager – your go-to person who takes care of executing your big ideas.

Now, you may not be in a position (yet) to have a full-time COO. (Maybe that's why you've been settling for less.)

But you can have me as your Virtual COO. I'll work with you to streamline your business, manage your vendors and contractors, handle client relations, and just Get It Done.

I can understand your big picture and keep track of all the details it will take to implement it. Above all, I know how to make sound decisions and get things done.

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