Jacqueline Tau

Student in Soweto, South Africa

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Greetings, I’m Jacqueline. I’m a student living in Soweto, South Africa. I am a fan of music, politics, and fashion. I have chosen teaching as a career because I first enrolled for LLB but I did not do well as I should have as a student. I then jumped into teaching where I am at my best,specifically I have chosen teaching because it is one of the few profession that you really can transform lives from school work to taking care of themselves to emotional learning and more. I have really fallen In love with the profession and now my goal is to become one of the best teachers our country have ever seen by producing learners that are vigilant,optimistic and eager to learn in order to take our country from developing to developed. My vision as a teacher is to end poverty and hunger in a black child's life by feeding his/her mind with knowledge of how they can master their own thinking in order not to be oppressed by anyone.#Superteacher