Jaelee K Heupel

Consultant in Kaneohe, Hawaii

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Jaelee K. Heupel is a leading figure in the education sector in various parts of the country. Multiple organizations have recognized her contribution to education in specific areas such as Hawaii and Utah. For example, Brockbank Junior High named her the Counselor of the Year in the late 90s.

This award led to her appointment as the Chairperson for the School’s Counseling Department. Utah Career College also named her as the Instructor of the Quarter in fall 2005 and spring 2008. Additionally, she won a similar award from Fortis College in spring 2011.

These awards testify to Heupel’s competence as an educator. This competence led to high profile appointments in the years to follow. For example, she became a Director for Student Services at the Hawaii Tokai International College in June 2012. She held this position for close to two years. Her role included supervising the work of five staff members within the department.

Heupel held a similar position at Vista College as the Director of Education. It is worth noting that Heupel excelled in all of these areas because she was an accomplished academic in the field of education. More specifically, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Education Psychology.