Jafferji House & Spa

Located deep in the heart of Zanzibar's historical Stone Town, Jafferji House is an elegant boutique hotel. Recapturing the romance of travel, it beautifully combines modern luxury with the mesmerizing heritage that has shaped Zanzibar's history. Taking its name from its owner who once used the building as his family home, Jafferji House has been lovingly restored and styled to reflect its original splendor.

Personal attention to detail is apparent throughout the hotel, and just as easily as it embraces the charm of the ancient world, it also proudly pays homage to the comfort, luxury and hospitality of the modern world. They say that when you travel, the magic of your experience starts with your hotel. Javed Jafferji and his wife Kulsum warmly invite you to experience the magic of Jafferji House. Come experience a hotel dedicated to exceptional style and service. Come experience the one place in Stone Town where true heritage and luxury meet.